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  • Stacey Berg

Wrapping Up 2020

It’s almost over! Let’s wrap 2020 up the right way. We know you’ve probably had enough with this year – the struggle is real for many of us personally and professionally – but there’s no better reason to clean things up and get ready for a fresh start in 2021.

We love short lists of things to do (who doesn’t love checking things off- see number 4!) so here you go. Our top five activities to finish out the year.

1. SAY THANKS. As the year comes to a close, be sure to thank your loyal customers and partners. This year has been a challenge for small businesses and appreciation is important. You can send gifts, recognize them in your social media, or comment on their posts. We’re working on something special for our partners and clients right now – it’s a secret! For more ideas, check out our blog post on gift-giving ideas here.

2. CLEAN UP 2020 BOOKS. Now is the time to chase any outstanding invoices out there. Don’t wait until the last week of the year. Reach out to clients you are waiting on and pay any contractors you need. It’s also the perfect time to review your company expenses and make sure you’ve accounted for everything.

3. EVALUATE THE PAST YEAR. Okay, this might seem like a painful exercise but we guarantee there are some silver linings in this past year. While you definitely want to acknowledge how the year stacked up to your goals, don’t forget to think about some things you learned or accomplished this year. Our friends at Dunwoody Presbyterian Church refreshed their website with a whole new look and new video and photography. Artist Winston Wiant launched a brand new look for her brand and website, opening up access to her beautiful work for even more fans! And we learned to brainstorm, meet, develop new clients, and continue to connect without a physical office or co-working space. It’s great to see progress even in a tough financial year.

4. CROSS SOME THING(S) OFF YOUR LIST. What have you been procrastinating? Take a look at your list and identify 2-3 items that you can do that will make 2021 an easier and more productive year. Here are two of ours…

  • We have an eye on some electronic files and images that desperately need organizing so we’ll be getting to that!

  • We’ve been aiming for a quarterly PPLLC newsletter so we’re hard at work developing the template and content. Keep an eye out for it soon 😉

5. LOOK AHEAD. Lots of hopes are built into a 2021 that’s significantly different than 2020. If you want to host or launch something in early January, start planning it now. Put together a timeline and get dates on the calendar. If nothing else, schedule your goal-setting meetings now. We’re targeting the second week of January for our annual Pitch Partner meetings. We’re planning to hit the ground running!

Finally, take a deep breath. You are almost through a year unlike any other. And you made it! Be proud of yourself and your business. We certainly are.


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