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  • Kim Diamond

Saying Thanks

It’s almost that time of year! Yes, Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away but we’re actually talking about the winter holidays … Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve. Whatever you celebrate, it’s when we appreciate all the great people in our lives. Small, and especially, new businesses thrive on people … who believed in the business, who bought early, and who passed on a good word. This is the perfect time of year to send a little thank you to them. 

But it isn’t even Thanksgiving – why do you need to think about this now?  Because planning, ordering, and delivering/shipping takes a little time and you want your gift to be smart and meaningful. Take a minute this week and think about how you want to thank your people.

Here are a few tips from us…

BE ON BRAND. Select a card or small gift that reflects your business or your brand’s personality. Be consistent with your brand colors and include your logo on the card or gift wrap, if possible. You can print at home on simple Avery labels to adhere your logo to any packaging.

BE THOUGHTFUL. It is easy to get caught up in the madness of this month but don’t overdo it.  This is intended to be a nice gesture of thanks, not a large year-end expense.  It truly is the thought that counts. If you have a client you can buy from for your gifts, do it.  Always chose meaningful over bountiful.

BE PERSONAL. You can select the same gift for all your clients, but include a small hand-written note with each one. Let them know what you enjoyed about working with them specifically. Show the value of your relationship with them. 

BE GENEROUS. Not with your gift, but with your list of recipients. Sending something to the year’s clients is great but maybe think about including partners you have worked with too. Or maybe someone who always had an encouraging word or offered valuable advice. Building a business takes help; be sure to recognize it.

HAVE FUN. Ok, we’ll admit this is basically our tip all the time because it is just that important. And this is no different. This is your chance to let people know how much you appreciate their support. Smile and say thanks.  It will matter to them. And with that, we are off preparing our year-end gifts. We’d love to know what you are doing to thank your clients and partners. Comment and let us know. You know we love good ideas … and we’ll be sure to thank you ;)  


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