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  • Kim Diamond

The Story Behind Pitch Partners

We work with small business owners and entrepreneurs and love hearing what drove them to decide to start their own business. Everyone has a unique story and it’s interesting to hear the details behind both the business and the people. We often get asked to share our own backstory so here it is!

We met each other on the sidelines of youth soccer. Our daughters played on the same soccer team, and as any sport parent knows, you spend a lot of time getting to know other parents on the sidelines. At that time we both had corporate jobs. We shared with each other how hard it was to juggle full-time work, business travel, and increasing activities for our kids. We both craved a job that gave us some flexibility, without the travel and grueling hours that came with our current jobs. We also shared a desire to be entrepreneurs but initially we were stumped on the actual business itself.

Even though we both wanted to take a leap into entrepreneurship, in the early days of forming our business we honestly were not sure what we wanted to do. We kept thinking “We don’t have a skillset that we can form a business around.” We are not artists, photographers, bakers, builders, realtors, etc. But then we started to pay more attention to how many entrepreneurs and small business owners we knew that were very skilled but didn’t have the bandwidth to run the business side of their passions. For example, we knew several friends who were brilliant photographers but didn’t have the time to put together a website or invoice clients. We also heard friends talking about wanting to start a small business of their own but didn’t know where to start, how to define their brand, or how to market their new business. That’s when the lightbulb went off for us – we knew the business side of running a small business! We had decades of experience in the business world and saw an opportunity to share our business experience and education to help other small business owners put their ideas into action. We knew that we could add value because of our unique combination of experience in brand creation, business management, technology and marketing. Once we realized we could add unique value to other entrepreneurs and that it would be exciting and fulfilling work for us to watch small businesses transform and thrive with our help, we became our own first client and created the Pitch Partners brand and business!

Our favorite projects are the ones where we get to start from the very beginning – name development, logo creation, business card designs, website development, copy writing, social media planning, business tool planning, and marketing strategy. It is fun to go on the journey with clients from start to launch. But, of course, we also enjoy taking just one piece of the full plan and lending a hand wherever there is an opportunity to help. It’s an honor to be invited inside of a business to participate no matter where a client is in their journey.

So far we are having a blast and find working with other small businesses very rewarding. Taking a risk on ourselves and demonstrating to our children that we can carve our own path is something we are very proud of. It also feels good to know that we can translate all of our experience working with big companies, creative agencies, and global brands into tangible advice for companies of any size!


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