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  • Stacey Berg

Do I really need a website?

We hear this question all the time, and in the age of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, we completely understand it. You have plenty of followers on social media and you can post and sell your products through there. Do you really need to spend money on a website?

The answer is YES! While we love using social media to promote small businesses, the best thing you can do with it is direct traffic to YOUR website.

Need five reasons you should have a business website? Here you go…

  1. BUILD TRUST. POTENTIAL CLIENTS WILL GOOGLE YOU. Even with all the social media available, interested customers will still Google you to learn more about your business. This is your opportunity to inform them and let them get to know you better. And if they cannot find you, they might find someone else in the meantime.

  2. SHOW YOUR COMMITMENT TO YOUR BUSINESS. You are asking customers to believe and invest in your business. Shouldn’t you show a willingness to do the same? Having your own updated and polished website, even a simple one, shows your commitment to your business and a level of professionalism. It is a signal to how you operate as a businessperson.

  3. OWN AND CRAFT YOUR MESSAGE. Your website is completely yours and, in the world of social media and review sites, it is the only place you own all the content. If Instagram or Facebook makes a change and disable your account, what do you have left? With your own website, you control the story and all the pieces within it that express your brand. Branding is a differentiator; highlight yours on your own website.

  4. SHOWCASE YOU AND YOUR WORK. Use your website to tell your story and explain your passion. This is your place to brag, and let your clients brag about you. You can share your favorite projects, all of your great reviews, and post blog articles.

  5. PROVIDE A DESTINATION. You use social media, newsletters, events, etc to market your brand and service. Your website is a great place to drive all of that traffic. Once there, customers can wander around, really get to know you, and engage with your work. Keep the information fresh, the look updated, and be on brand, and watch your website help your business.

The good news? Building your own website is easy and affordable. Many hosting sites like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress offer templates that can get you started. And we love helping a business build their new website so you can always reach out to us for a free consultation.


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