collaborating and creating to accelerate small business dreams

Creative Space

We know it takes a great deal to manage a thriving business. You have the idea, the service, the skill.  But what about everything else?  We specialize in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their passion, while we assist with the other stuff... marketing, web, branding, or business tools. Whether you want to transform a budding idea, or just don't have the bandwidth to run your existing business, we are here. And once we have finished your project, we will transfer anything you need to know to run the business on your own.  But just know that we are always around, as your business grows. 

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What is my brand?  How do I represent my product to my customers? 

Figuring out your brand is a crucial first step.  It is a thread that should run through everything in your business and it starts with your logo and story.  Let’s think through your story and create logos, business cards, and letterhead that represent your brand.


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Where do I get a website that fits me?  How do I keep it fresh and interesting? 

The quickest thing for a consumer to do is search online for you. Your website should be an extension of your brand as a place to learn more about you and your passion, or even sell some of your goods. It can be as simple or complex as you need and we will build it with your direction. We also optimize the site for search engines. We can even help maintain it, if you need. 



How do I get the right people to find me?  How do I grow my business? 

Knowing the ideal customer and pinpointing where to find them will make your marketing efforts more effective. And social media is changing daily; it can be hard to keep up.  We can create a strategy together to be in the right place at the right time for growing your business. 



What about everything else … invoices, supply tracking, cash flow, research?  How do I know what’s working for customers or what can be better? 

As you grow your business, being organized and aware will become even more important.  We’ll evaluate your current systems and create tools to streamline your business documents.  We can also help you continue your relationship with consumers to keep them saying good things and bring them back for more.